The Thoroughbred Transporter, for transporting valuable livestock, or where there is a risk of horses damaging each other. The Transporter is built on a 7,5 ton chassis with an 18 foot rear load horsebox, with an all around skirted box body and a full tilting cab for engine access with cab access from the grooms area.
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The skirts have a lockable storage locker and easy access to battery and air filter, there are roll-out steps in to the grooms area which has window, lights and insulated roof lining.

The partitions are all full height so that it would be possible to fully separate mares from stallions and there is full movement of partitions so mares and foals at foot can be travelled safely without fear of escape.

The head area roof lining is padded and fully insulated with the stockboard 6 foot high behind the horses, the windows at the horses heads are heavily barred but still open for ventilation and there are generous opening windows behind the horses, the groom can access all areas by way of meshed bolted gates at the front of the partitions.

The loading doors can be individually closed with telescopic poles and are extra height, the ramp is covered with a non slip light weight rubber and there are no gaps for small hooves to fall through.

The groom’s area is simple with a hand wash area, seating, saddle, bridle and coat racks, optional extras can include a loo cubical and cooking facilities, other popular extras are horse wash facilities and a CCTV in the horse area and for reversing.

The Thoroughbred Transporter is designed to carry your horses in the safest way possible and can be used for any equestrian discipline from Stud Work to Racing, Eventing to Dressage and anything in between. The Thoroughbred Transporter is especially designed to minimise the risk of damage to horse from other horses being transported, or young stock which may not have had much handling, unbroken, nervous or sick animals.

Dependant on specification we aim to achieve a payload of 2 + tons on this horsebox and every build will be supplied with a weighbridge certificate.

from £24,950 + chassis + VAT
including paint and signs. (Chassis not included).
Metallic paint £1500 +vat extra

Front of partition grill and access door stops young stock climbing through
and secures stallions

Grooms area with hand wash facility

Extra tall stock board and full height partition

What our customers have to say:

Transporter Features

  • Full width rear ramp to horse area.
  • Alloy top hat grips.
  • Under slung ramp springs light to lift.
  • Flush fit from ramp to floor so small hooves don’t get trapped.
  • Full height loading doors individually open or closed in secure position all white wipe clean GRP.
  • Flooring alloy TGV in horse area over lay with ¾ “ rubber mats.
  • Mesh deck 18 ml in groom’s area
  • Partitions are full height solid from roof to floor with telescopic poles at either end allowing freedom to change position along tracking in floor and ceiling we supply 2 on our standard specification.
  • Grooms can access each partition via a grilled bolted door at front of partition, when closed the door stops any contact between the horses being transported i.e. mares/ stallions or the escape of a foal at foot from its mother.
  • The roof is fully insulated and has padding above the horse’s heads.
  • There are 6 opening windows 3 large barred windows at the front and opening vent windows at the rear.
  • Lights and tie up points included.
  • Stockboard on the walls of horse area to 6ft behind the horses and 4ft in front.
  • Partition wall with a door separates the horse area from the groom’s area.
  • The box is fully skirted and has an external storage locker and access doors to battery and air filter.

Grooms Area

  • The groom’s area has access to the outside via a pair of roll out steps
    and crawl through cab access.
  • The living area has a bench seat with storage under, a work top unit with a
    sink and pumped water for hand washing.
  • Saddle and bridle racks and hooks for coats etc. included.
  • The roof is fully insulated and there is a light and 2 large opening windows.


  • We supply your chassis fully serviced and with a current ministry test
    and fitted with a spare wheel and battery isolator.
  • Recommended Chassis:
    Iveco 7.5 ton Tector or similar model
    DAF45 7.5 ton
    7.5 ton Mercedes or Man
  • The last two chassis have particular issues:
    The Mercedes suspension can be rather soft but can be stiffened,
    cost about £1,000.
    The Man a good reliable truck but there is not too many service centres
    around can be a problem for parts.
    The DAFand Iveco have parts/service depots in most major towns.
    As part of our policy to continually update the product range, we reserve the right to modify any specifications as may prove necessary. We will be pleased to answer any queries on this matter and confirm current specifications. All dimensions and weights are approximate and are intended for guidance only.

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    Adam McNeill

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    7 years ago I was looking for a 2 horse lorry. I came across Peper Harowhorse boxes advert and gave them a call. I spoke to Julia, (who is very helpful) explained to her what I was looking for and after trying several Chassis and Probably Julia's patience , they built a super Trophy Twin box for me. For 6 years this lorry never let me down , and was admired at shows. Comments often made about how good the horse area was. Well after 6 very happy years travelling around with my lovely Mercedes 814d Trophy Twin , I decided it was time to upgrade. So without hesitation I called Julia to ask if they would like to build me a new luxury, slightly bigger version of the Trophy Twin.

    Beverley Brown.

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