Trophy Travelmaster the ultimate horsebox in our Trophy range built on 7.5 tons , all built with a fully tilting sleeping pod to give access to the engine and aerodynamic design not to mention good looks. The box can be built as a side load and forward facing , or indeed rear load with the horses travelling herringbone.
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Each box is bespoke
The design and finish of the living area is up to you we will help you to design your ultimate box with regard for your needs, the layout can be arranged to suit the way in which you will be using the box with as much, or as little equipment as you need all tailored to fall within a budget acceptable to you.

Some of the options include, shower and toilet with separate washbasin, heated towel rail, fridge freezer, hob, sink with hot and cold water, warm air heating , under floor lockers, deep upholstered seats in leather or fabric of your choice, flat screen TV with DVD, 240 volt hook up so that you can have kettle, hair dryer, toaster, microwave etc , with a leisure battery system backup the list is endless, also things like CCTV and Bluetooth/sat nav need consideration.
You will also be pleased to know we have thought about storage for all the horse gear and we can offer some innovative ways to make best use of space. The horses themselves will have comfortable flooring, solid padded partitions, plenty of ventilation, and a bright light interior.

The ramp will be easy to lift and inviting for your horse.

We will work with you to make sure the box you get is the box that means that we thought of everything, especially when it comes to the valuable load it will be carrying, we will make sure that even with all the extras that we will have calculated with your help the anticipated payload to make sure that it operates within the legal limit. Before delivery we will supply you with a weighbridge certificate showing your unladen weight.

Lastly part of the fun in building your own box is the paint colour choice and design of the colours, it can be very simple and tasteful or wild and exciting its up to you. We can source a good quality low mileage vehicle to suit your budget or we have good contacts for new chassis and can often manage to agree a discount on your behalf, it may also be possible to build this same design on an HGV if you require to take more than 2 horses.
Dependant on specification we aim to achieve a payload of 2 + tons on this horsebox and every build will be supplied with a weighbridge certificate.

from £39,995 + Chassis + VAT
to around £59,995 + Chassis + VAT
including paint and signs. (Chassis not included).
Metallic paint £1500 +vat extra

Generous Hob and Sink with TV/DVD on swing out bracket

Fully trimmed upholstered seating

Wall coverings to suit your interior and seating

What our customers have to say:

Travelmaster Features

  • 20 ft body with side load or rear load ramp to 24ft body on HGV
  • 20 Fiberglass fully tilting sleeping pod, access from the living area,
    secured on framework with 2 release bolts for full tilt cab operation for
    access to engine.

Horse Area

  • Fully insulated and lined roof.
  • Horses Travel Facing Forward with Side Ramp or Herringbone with Rear Ramp.
  • TGV alloy plank floor with heavy duty rubber mats overlay.
  • Inviting Light Interior, even for the Cautious Loader.
  • Partition for forward facing full depth GRP with alloy frame padded both sides, can be fitted with a head grill, multiposition.
  • Partitions for rear load one full depth telescopic padded both sides with walk under and head grill, multiposition, second usually half depth with flap
    (if needed)
  • GRP loading doors, padded on horse side, with drop down feature to stop swing on horse.
  • Forward facing box has 4 opening vent windows in horse area and 2 drop down windows with bars
  • Rear load will have 3 vent windows behind horses and 3 dropdown windows with bars in front of horse
  • Forward facing box has large storage area behind horses for hay/rugs etc
  • Forward facing box has deep padded full width breast bar
  • Both forward and rear facing boxes have door from horses to living area with a drop down window with bars
  • Both ramps have under slung ramp springs for easy lifting and are fitted with lightweight extra grip non slip rubber with alloy top hat rails
  • Lights with on off switch by access point
  • Horse area accessed via grooms door with widow from roll out steps.

Living Area

The living area will be designed and fitted to suit your needs and your budget, we will need to discuss with you shower facilities, sleeping, heating, seating, cooking and food storage, at all times considering where storage is needed for water tanks, water heaters, auxiliary power, lighting etc, you will also need storage for your tack and horse supplies and your own clothes, we also need to look at CCTV for the horse area and reversing and or park distance sensors, plus for your evenings in maybe a TV and DVD or radio CD player. To make the box personal to you, you can choose upholstery fabrics, wall covering, blinds and external paint colour and design. We are here to make it happen for you.

As part of our policy to continually update the product range, we reserve the right to modify any specifications as may prove necessary. We will be pleased to answer any queries on this matter and confirm current specifications. All dimensions and weights are approximate and are intended for guidance only.

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7 years ago I was looking for a 2 horse lorry. I came across Peper Harowhorse boxes advert and gave them a call. I spoke to Julia, (who is very helpful) explained to her what I was looking for and after trying several Chassis and Probably Julia's patience , they built a super Trophy Twin box for me. For 6 years this lorry never let me down , and was admired at shows. Comments often made about how good the horse area was. Well after 6 very happy years travelling around with my lovely Mercedes 814d Trophy Twin , I decided it was time to upgrade. So without hesitation I called Julia to ask if they would like to build me a new luxury, slightly bigger version of the Trophy Twin.

Beverley Brown.

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