Optional Extras

When building your own horse box the optional extras are endless! Choose from those that will make the driving easier, your horses more comfortable or provide you with a home away from home when in the middle of a muddy field.  You can also update or adapt older horse boxes by adding extras.  A small number of these extras are only available on new coach built horse boxes or conversions as they can only be added at the build stage, these are marked with an asterisk (*).  Consideration should be given to the additional weight added and the reduction in payload these extras may cause – contact us to discuss your specific requirements.  The prices provided below are a standard pricing, dependent on the make, size and age of your horse box these may change; please contact us for a more accurate quote for all extras required.

Prices on this page are for guidance only as cost of parts constantly fluctuate.  An accurate price will be provided to you in the quotation stage. 



Prices ex VAT
Driver Comfort Bundle: Twin camera CCTV for horse area and reversing, DAB radio with hands free calling and bluetooth connectivity£1,145
Leatherette Bundle: Cab seats covered in faux leather with living area cushions to match.  A selection of colours and styles are available£2,500
*External Style Bundle (6.5 Tonne only): Fibreglass moulded dome to give a more modern shape and plenty of room to sleep 2 over the cab, LED lights mounted in rear corner pillars, tinted body windows£2,500
Overnight Electrics Bundle: Split charge system with all living electrics connected to this rather than to the vehicle battery, plus 240v plug in lead with adaptor for leisure battery charger£1,000
Sleep-In Bundle: Memory foam mattress with cover in luton, mounted reading lamp in luton, blinds fitted to all living windows and cab cut through£1,000
Luxury Living Bundle: Diesel blown warm air heating and ventilation system, digital TV / DVD wall mounted with aerial (TV requires 240v night electrics to work correctly)£2,125
Bathroom Bundle: All in one unit with shower, toilet and basin, wardrobe with window and light to house shower unit£2,995
Luxury Bathroom Bundle: Wardrobe with window and light to house separate toilet, shower and basin with heated towel rail£3,650
*Luton Sleeeping Bundle (Conversion only): Luton with mattress – 2 inch memory foam and 2 inch normal foam supplied with white cover (can be fitted with cover to match over upholstery by quotation) and reading light£4,500

Cab Extras

Prices ex VAT
DABS radio / CD player (will require speakers if none are fitted)£295
Up-rated speakersFrom £125
Garmin HGV Sat Nav£450
24v – 12v dropper box for Sat Nav / radio£155
Battery isolation switch – heavy duty£155
Battery isolation switch – standard£135
Standard cut through to living£900
Large cut through to livingFrom £1,200

Storage Extras

Prices ex VAT
Tack locker located in skirt accessed from outside with lockable doors£875
Tack locker under kitchen unit dropped through floor level for maximum space accessed from outside with 3 saddle racks, 3 bridle racks and lockable doors £1,450
Tack locker located in living accessed from outside with 2 saddle racks, 2 bridle racks and lockable doors£1,100
Tack locker located under horse’s head accessed from outside with 2 saddle racks, 2 bridle racks and lockable doors£795
Large walk-in wardrobe fitted with window and light, used as storage or as a toilet or shower cubicle£1,500
Additional swing out saddle rack to hold two saddles£450
Additional wall mounted storage units to match kitchen units£295
Rug rack x2£90
2x 45 litre water containers with tie backs£45
Coat hooks£35

Horse Area Extras

Prices ex VAT
Solid to the floor partitions£850
Additional wall pads x3£295
Aluminium headboard on partition (6.5 tonne only)£195
Horse wash down – 105 litre water tank mounted under chassis or in bench seat connected to powerful pump with connections kit£925
Extra light aluminium ramp and lightweight rubber matting£300
Tie rings – internal£15
Tie rings – external£15
Add window to groom’s door£175
Horse area stable door£140
*Grooms door – with window from outside£315
*Grooms door – with window and bars from outside£335
Lightweight rubber overlay for ramp£250
Solid breastbars£1,250
Removable headboard on partition£295

Safety Extras

Prices ex VAT
2 Camera CCTV – one mounted in the horse area, one rear mounted to aid reversing.  Flat screen colour monitor mounted on dashboard, hard wired for clarity, sound and night vision£795
Additional cameras for CCTV system including cables£225
Reversing distance sensors x3 with cab display and audible beep£895
Side step warning system with buzzer or light when step is left down (requires 12v buzzer)£195
Key safe (for spare keys) bolted to wall of box£65
Fire extinguisher mounted on wall£40
First aid kit£40
Combined smoke and carbon monoxide detector / alarm£30
Tracker – Rechargeable battery version which allows use of an isolation switch – super small including 1st year of monitoring (after which a contract continues directly with the service provider)£450
Lap belt fitted to bench seating in living£45

Light & Ventilation Extras

Prices ex VAT
*Tinted windows in horse and living area£300
*Teardrop shape windows in living area£300 each
*Windows in long continuous line in horse area at front of horses£400 each
*Black framed windows in horse or living area – complete set£290 each
Pop up muti-directional roof vent in horse area£325 each
Rotary vent in horse area£165
Electric in / out vent in horse area (requires a leisure system)£415
Extra LED lights in living£75 each
Down lights in living£40 each
Luton area night light with USB charge point£245 each
Loading lamp in horse area£95
Night time driving light in horse area£105

Power Extras

Prices ex VAT
240v plug in – to charge leisure system or run 240v appliances.  Complete with wall mounted sockets and trip box£795
240v protected extension cable – to run 240v appliances£150
Leisure System – split charge system with battery mounted under chassis or mounted in bench seat and accessed from external locker£795
Additional leisure battery for extra capacity£155
Slide out pull start generator mounted in chassis in locker – used to charge living batteries.  Can also be used in conjunction with 240v kit to produce mains power for appliancesFrom £1,400
12v USB charger£95
12v socket£95

Living Extras – Appliances

Prices ex VAT
Fridge box with 12v power point (leisure system required)£250
Fridge freezer (leisure system required)£1,275
Microwave 500w (requires 240v plug in system)From £195
OvenFrom £995
Double unit containing hob and sink£860
Double unit containing either hob or sink£895

Living Extras – Bathroom

Prices ex VAT
Portable chemical toilet£100
Separate basin and vanity unit£610
Combined shower, sink and toilet unit in walk-in wardrobe£1,295
Walk in shower£2,995
Heated towel rail£225
Separate flushing toilet with own water supply£895
Separate basin and vanity unit£610
Separate toilet with own water supply£690

Living Extras – Heating & Hot Water

Prices ex VAT
Dual water heater and warm air heater – fits under bench seat and vents warm air into living area, runs on gas and leisure batteries£1,100
Additional heating ducts to bathroom or lobby£150
Ebesbacher diesel hot air heating fitted under bench seat – requires split charge system£1,995
Gas or mains hot water heater to give hot and cold water to sink£995
Air conditioning to living areaPlease enquire

Living Extras – Entertainment

Prices ex VAT
Extra speakers x2 running from head unit in cab£295
Freeview digital TV and DVD player (requires leisure system)£695

Living Extras – Furnishings

Prices ex VAT
Large framed full length wall mounted mirror£105
Bench seat – no cushionsFrom £450
Seating cushions – 4 inch foam covered in fabric£3 per linear metre
Back cushions to wall of seating area – 2 inch foam covered in same fabric as seating, approximately 6’ – 8’ in length and up to two cushions with press stud attachments£2 per linear metre
Table with pop-out base£245
Large table in living area to match kitchen work surface£225
Fold down bed£795
Pull out bed to convert bench seat into bed£895
Karndean floor in living£350
Mattress for trophy twin luton– 2 inch memory foam and 2 inch normal foam supplied with white cover (can be fitted with cover to match over upholstery by quotation)£300
Mattress for pod type luton – 2 inch memory foam and 2 inch normal foam supplied with white cover (can be fitted with cover to match over upholstery by quotation)£350
Blinds for all windows in living and cab cut through£350
Leatherette walls£1000

External Extras

Prices ex VAT
Metallic paintExtra £1,000
Tri-colour paintFrom £5,000
Extra graphicsPlease enquire