Horse Box Conversions

Peper Harow Horse Boxes specialise in Horse Box conversions. We typically convert existing 7.5 Tonne chassis that have reasonably unmarked, tidy bodies and good headroom and width.  Our skilled team then fit a smart aerofoil kit to provide a neat aerodynamic link to the body and ensure easy engine access. All this provides a strong and practical foundation for your horse box conversion.  You can choose the extras you want within your horse box, including the internal and external finishes, all without paying for a fully coach built box. Our conversion horse boxes suit those who require a large horse box without the need for fully coach built box.

  • Easy engine access with full tilt cab on aerofoil and Luton design models
  • Choose your ideal split between horse area and living
  • Add as many or as few extras as you require
  • Choose from 16′ / 488cm to 20′ / 610cm body lengths to suit your needs

Horse Box Build Prices Start at £23,995 + VAT + Chassis

Build Your Own Horse Box

Build your own horse box feature coming soon! Create your own Horse Box Conversion. Choose from various options for an indicative cost.

Peper Harow Horse Box Conversions

Step 1 – Sourcing your Horse Box

The first step of a horse box conversion is sourcing a chassis. We generally use second hand well looked after chassis, usually an Iveco or DAF, for our horse box conversions. We can source the chassis for you, or you can provide it yourself.

Step 2 – Design

Peper Harow Horse Boxes work with you to design your horse box and choose your added extras and finishes, whilst guiding you on the anticipated payload to ensure we can achieve what you require, this includes choosing the following:

  • Size of horse area vs living
  • Number and size of stalls
  • Location and size of storage
  • Required materials and finishes in the horse area and living
  • Seating and sleeping
  • Kitchen and bathroom requirements

Step 3 – Build

The next step of your horse box conversion is to divide the body of the vehicle into the horse area and living/groom’s area as per your specifications. Typically, conversions are two-thirds horse area and one-third living. We modify the back panel of the cab to provide a cut through access to the living/groom’s area. This leaves a full tilt cab facility for mechanical access.

In the horse area we…

  • Fit a new aluminium floor with a rubber mat overlay as standard.
  • Add a ramp with underslung springs and tough non-slip covering, this includes top hat runners and two white GRP loading doors.
  • Position 2 or 3 galvanised, padded, telescopic partitions with rubber flaps, dependent on the number of stalls required, to accommodate your horses.
  • Fit 4′ stockboard lining on the walls and the roof white lined and fitted with interior lights.
  • Position your choice of window style in front of and behind the horse. This keeps the area keeping that area bright and well ventilated.

You can choose to leave the living/groom’s area small and unfitted, or alternatively choose something larger and fully furnished with a kitchen, seating and bathroom area.

Step 4 – Painting

We spray paint the horse box with your choice of colours and graphics.

Step 5 – Delivery

Before we deliver your horse box

  • We fully service the chassis is fully and provide you with a new annual test certificate.
  • We weigh the horse box and provide you with a weighbridge certificate stating the unladed weight.
  • Our specialist mechanics will fit the chassis with a living battery isolator.

Finally, we can arrange delivery of your horse box conversion to you or collect from one of our locations.

Horse Box Conversion Gallery


Lola Coleman-Smith

I am very happy with my Peper Harow Horse Box. Having looked around for a 7.5 tonne conversion box I engaged with Julia over the phone. We discussed what type of box I wanted. Julia's experience of horsebox features guided my "design". Within a few days a chassis was acquired, money was passed on, paperwork exchanged...and we were off! The box is as I desired with a small living containing a lockable full height closet which has saddle racks etc. The horse area works well. Lovely windows. The ramp is well balanced and quite manageable by 1 person. The colour scheme is my choice... I love the colours. It has been greatly admired. Julia was at all times a delight to communicate with.

Sam Hiles

I spent several months researching and looking for my perfect lorry because of a nasty accident I had with my horse and trailer and I felt totally disappointed because many failed to meet my requirements. In addition, there were a few traders who had bad reputations around the quality of the horse box build, rising costs and a lack of professionalism. I was on the verge of giving up altogether when I came across quite a few positive reviews for Peper Harow Horse Boxes in the Horse and Hound forums. I contacted a local horse box mechanic who recommended Peper Harow as affordable and functional but more importantly a good quality bespoke build. I had originally thought I wouldn’t ever be able to afford the costs of having a lorry built to my own specifications but after meeting Julia and Adam I soon realised it was achievable and any extras I couldn’t afford I could have added at a later stage. Julia and Adam ensured I understood everything and kept me updated at every point plus invited me down twice to view the lorry before the next phase of build began. The one thing I would like to stress the most, and I think is a credit to Julia and Adam, is they communicate – I never had to chase them for a response to any questions I had and I did have quite a few! I have collected my lorry now and she drives like a dream and like all stories (because business is business and things can go wrong) I have a couple of very minor things that need tweaking but I am totally confident that Julia and Adam run a professional after sales service and those minor tweaks will be sorted as soon as I can get my lorry to them. So before you decide you can’t afford a Peper Harow lorry have a chat with Julia first because you never know!!!!

Mark, Lesley and Harriet Gray

We were looking for a 6.5 tonne horsebox to replace our high spec 7.5 tonne box. We looked at several manufacturers but were never convinced that we could fit all the extras into the smaller lorry. Julia and Adam at Peper Harow were extremely patient and helpful and along with their team created the perfect vehicle for us. We have a spacious lorry with a 2 tonne payload that drives like a car and the fuel and maintenance costs are half the cost of a 7.5 tonne horsebox. Build quality is fantastic, the horse area is spacious with plenty of storage space. Peper Harow provided us with the ideal living area that sleeps 3 and includes shower, toilet, tv/dvd, sink, hob, fridge, hook up, heating and plenty of storage space. All in all the perfect lorry for us.

Judy Brown

Just collected my new Peper Harrow lorry conversion. Love it. Excellent service from Julia and Adam and workshop team, discussing my requirements and keeping me up to date on build. Lorry almost too smart to put horses in!!